Care needs and issues translated into integrated care solutions

We do this with an international collective of highly experienced healthcare professionals. They can be deployed as helping, caring and nurses, but also as medical specialists.

At the intersection of bottlenecks within healthcare and care needs; is Curaint specialized in the development, organization, facilitation, management and improvement of care processes through the use of IT solutions, entering into innovative forms of cooperation, centralizing resources and widely deployable collective of various healthcare professionals.

Solving bottlenecks and issues together

Our integrated services are aimed at solving complex issues, whereby the focus is not on the organization or processes, but on both the client and the care provider. With our integrated services, the emphasis is on a coherent approach to the bottlenecks within healthcare, in which we do not regard the problems as separate elements, but are seen as a chain, in which one problem influences the other and so the solutions must be coherent. stand up to the series of bottlenecks.

Our mission

Curaint assists healthcare providers and healthcare organizations in implementing innovative HR processes and partnerships for optimizing healthcare provision.

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