Flexibility and no administrative hassle

As a professional within Curaint, you determine how many days you take off per year. We are not bound by a minimum or a maximum. In other words, maximum freedom and flexibility are guaranteed.

As a professional you would like to be involved in your profession. The work you enjoy and are good at. The administrative hassle is not one of them. For our healthcare professionals, our back office takes this responsibility completely away from you. We ensure the correct handling of salaries and statutory premiums. You don’t have to worry about anything and you get what you are entitled to every month.

What more do we offer?

  • Joining a club of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care, including support and coaching by specialist nurses and medical doctors.
  • A personal, non-hierarchical organization that puts your development first;
  • A working environment in which you participate in decisions about matters that you find important, such as timetables, travel distance and the number of work or vacation days;
  • Very good rates and a safety net for when you do not have an assignment;
  • Working with and within a group of colleagues and specialists.

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