What is Curaint?

Curaint is an integral part of the Synchify Platform and operates jointly with its sister organizations; from the medical cluster -SIMMS – within Synch^nify.

SIMMS as a cluster is a multiform formula in which the care demand and supply are both culturally diverse and philosophically attuned to each other, in a way that transforms the care sector into a more manageable model in a sustainable way and because the various stakeholders within the care sector are able to work together to solve problems, which:

  • New care combinations become possible.
  • Multidisciplinary consultation takes place more efficiently.
  • Adoption of new techniques and technologies is becoming easier.
  • The sharing of relevant data takes place in a targeted manner.


Where necessary, provide care professionals with appropriate support, so that they can develop to the best of their ability, so that their potential and care offer are better utilized and their entrepreneurship and independence are improved.

  • By offering the opportunity to cooperate as much as possible in an open and reliable environment and;
  • Centralize and facilitate access to information, and;
  • Better manage the complexity of operational activities, through the implementation of smart technology.

We know how to add value for our collaborating partners; as a result of which we as a collective can respond better to social issues from a collective and variety of links and disciplines within healthcare.

How we work

Curaint is the first care organization that offers independent care providers a transparent and professional support framework in the performance of their future-proof work, based on their individuality and independence.

Let’s get in touch

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