How do we work?

Curaint is the first care organization that offers independent care providers a transparent and professional support framework in the performance of their future-proof work, based on their individuality and independence.

  • You join, we look for suitable work, you work, we invoice and you get paid within 2 days.
  • All mandatory taxes paid neatly.
  • Collective benefits such as training, coaching and support and much more.
  • No administration, registration Chamber of Commerce or VAT number required.

Curaint is there for the future-oriented healthcare provider who wants to develop and develop further with a high degree of self-management and flexibility. With certainty of income and who always want to have this properly arranged for themselves and the care recipients for whom they work without hassle.

Maximum motivated healthcare professionals

Healthcare organizations as clients can count on committed and result-oriented healthcare professionals. They work at Curaint because they receive the reward, appreciation and freedom that suits their expertise. They share in the success. They themselves have an interest in providing good quality care.

They are in a different way in the competition than colleagues who are employed. After all, they also like to work together, but with as much independence and autonomy as possible – which means that they can develop their unique skills in a safe working environment and can also express this through personal care provision.

Curaint groups, supports and strengthens these care professionals and makes them feel comfortable in all kinds of ways. This gives the healthcare professional enjoyment in their work and that is the basis of our success.

What do we offer

As a professional within Curaint, you determine how many days you take off per year. We are not bound by a minimum or a maximum. In other words, maximum freedom and flexibility are guaranteed.

Let’s get in touch

Is there anything still unclear or do you want to know what we can do for you? We are ready to answer your questions. Contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.